Activating Political Giving for Long-Term Change: Elections & Candidates

Activating Political Giving for Long-Term Change: Elections & Candidates

Build a Political Portfolio

Deep partisan divides and structural inequalities have created an urgent need to shift course and reenvision our future. Fortunately, increasing numbers of leaders are rising up at all levels of government with the vision to build trust, engage citizens, and transfer power to everyday Americans. 

Hirsch Philanthropy Partners advises on political giving for philanthropists, whether you are a seasoned donor or recently wading into candidate giving. We design and steward portfolios in alignment with your philanthropic values and priorities to create focused investments in advocacy, legislation, and candidates for comprehensive change on meaningful issues. We recommend the right amount at the right time to elect courageous and representative leadership. 

“With so much at stake in the 2018 and 2020 elections, it was really important to me that I contribute to candidates who could win and whose policies would expand equity and opportunity for more Americans. The expert Hirsch team knew to align political recommendations with my longtime values and they successfully identified races where my contributions helped great candidates win.” — Mick Hellman

Elect Bold Leadership

We believe a thriving democracy requires broad and diverse participation in the political process and access to the highest levels of public office. We accelerate the impact of contributions to exceptional candidates with support to organizations mobilizing the New American Majority who are essential to election outcomes — young people, people of color, and single women.

Building on years of experience, we’ve used the 2018 midterm election and 2020 general election as opportunities to recommend bold philanthropic investments. The stakes are high to usher in new leadership and important policies, including democracy reforms, racial and economic justice, climate protection, and gun safety. Our team has engaged candidates and advocacy organizations in targeted districts across the U.S., creating customized giving plans to change policies, increase voter engagement, and expand election protections.

Reshape the Future

The historic 2018 midterms led to record levels of youth voter turnout and the most diverse Congress in history. Working alongside dedicated philanthropists, we mobilized resources for effective and visionary candidates, better policies, and a more energized voter base.

With voting rights under increased attack, broad election insecurities, trust in our public institutions at a dangerous low, and fractured access to high-quality information, we are renewing our resolve and efforts to shape the future. Together, we know that we can influence seemingly intractable structural issues, shore up our political system, and strengthen our democracy for generations to come. 

In Focus: 2018 Midterm Election
There were 100 seats in the House of Delegates and the Governorship on the ballot in Virginia. Hirsch engaged philanthropists who were passionate about ending gerrymandering, expanding gun safety, and protecting reproductive rights to support key races and initiatives in this state. These targeted investments in candidates and organizations helped turn the tide on years of entrenched, powerful interests and began to restore the will of the people – saving lives, increasing access to health care, and creating fairer redistricting in Virginia.

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