Advancing American Democracy

Advancing American Democracy

Strengthen a Distressed System

Troubling trends, many years in the making, show that America’s ambitious experiment with democracy is at risk. Widening economic and racial inequality, decreasing trust in public institutions, threats to election integrity, and the erosion of a free press highlight deep vulnerabilities for our system of government. Despite these great challenges, we believe that together we can renew the promise of American democracy and reenvision a government of, by, and for all the people.

Hirsch Philanthropy Partners works with philanthropists to strengthen the key elements of a free and thriving society using a strategic playbook that balances opportunity and risk to direct resources where they are most effective and needed. In the past five years, we facilitated more than $95M in investments to promote free elections, encourage broad and diverse civic participation, and reduce authoritarianism, among many other issues. Our political and community experts build relationships with the trailblazing movements, organizations, and leaders effectively driving change and confronting threats to our distressed system at local, state, and national levels.

“At this moment of crisis for America, it is vital that we uphold democracy and fight authoritarianism. The Hirsch team and I created a comprehensive democracy portfolio that furthers the goal of racial justice, expands voting rights and women’s rights, and responds to the many urgent threats to our elections. The stakes are high and I hope we’ll all do as much as we can now and in the coming years to turn this around for future generations. The advice of the Hirsch team has been very helpful in balancing and addressing the needs of our country and our region in this challenging time.” — Nion McEvoy

Protect Against Threats

In the past several years, hundreds of new initiatives have emerged alongside long-standing organizations to address increased threats and facilitate inclusion of those who have been historically marginalized from civic life. Through grassroots organizing, policy and advocacy, and narrative change, a multitude of organizations advance a fair and just democracy, promote broader voter participation, and reduce corrupting influences on politics, to name just a few areas. Hirsch guides philanthropists through these overwhelming choices and competing priorities to effect decisive changes.

In late-November 2016, a new organization was confidentially forming to prevent an exploitation of government and executive power. The founders had significant experience promoting presidential ethics within several White House Administrations and Departments of Justice, making them uniquely suited to lead a game-changing effort to protect our democracy. As their team worked under the radar to quickly launch, our Hirsch team assessed the opportunities and challenges and saw enormous potential for the organization’s launch and subsequent growth.

Ignite Long-Term Change

Protect Democracy is now a prominent powerhouse in preventing election corruption, the spread of disinformation, and the exploitation of our communities using a comprehensive strategy of litigation, advocacy, education, and research. They’ve created voter protection software now used in 19 states, filed lawsuits to prevent abuses of power, developed a democracy warning system, and created a Roadmap for Renewal to promote the long-term health of democratic institutions.

In partnership with remarkable philanthropists and organizations, Hirsch Philanthropy Partners is proud to catalyze and boost exceptional, cutting edge work to shore up our political system and advance a stronger, more inclusive democracy.

“The dismantling of democracy happens through a dangerous slow burn and it’s essential that we raise the alarm, rise to the challenge and sustain our democracy for generations to come. Hirsch Philanthropy Partners and the extraordinary philanthropists they work with provided seed funding, connections and strategic advice as we confidentially set up Protect Democracy in late 2016. They were with us in the beginning and have offered ongoing partnership as we scale our work.” — Ian Bassin, Protect Democracy Project

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