Mobilizing for the Future: Next Gen Philanthropy

Mobilizing for the Future: Next Gen Philanthropy

Step into Leadership

As the largest transfer of generational wealth on record begins to take place, families are increasingly sharing traditions and envisioning their philanthropic legacies. Parents are working to instill a giving mindset in their children. Young adults are striving to make bold and transformative gifts thoughtfully and with humility. And individuals who have come into significant wealth are seeking to use their resources for greater impact. 

Hirsch Philanthropy Partners guides new philanthropists embarking on their giving journey — developing vision and strategy, building community relationships, and making their first small and large grants. More philanthropists than ever share our deep commitment toward economic and racial justice, democracy and voting rights, and the future health of the planet. The next generation is stepping up to give and lead, and our team is here to help steer the transition.

“After my parents encouraged me to work with their philanthropic team, I had several really engaging conversations with the folks at Hirsch. They listened and got to know me, helping me get more focused with my passions for supporting BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) community leaders working at the intersections of racial justice, criminal justice, and youth economic justice. The cool thing is that the Hirsch folks pretty quickly got me and made spot-on recommendations for me to support underfunded organizations with small budgets led by people of color. They inspired me to direct resources in new ways and also introduced me to smart leaders at several organizations. Now we work together several times a year to deepen my giving and we have a great time doing it.” — Next Gen San Francisco philanthropist

Provide Opportunities to Learn, Grow, and Give

We advise new philanthropists to give effectively and strategically to drive change on relevant issues aligned with giving values. We work alongside philanthropists to direct dollars that build organizational strength and capacity, often through unrestricted support which allows for flexible funds to be used when and where they’re needed. We also mentor new philanthropists on their board participation and other opportunities to share their skills and connections beyond financial support. Whether you are a tech founder wanting to start a new foundation, parents who want to nurture a giving mindset when your kids are young, or the third generation of a philanthropic family interested in board service, Hirsch is your trusted partner.

Client Story
We worked with the parents of three kids ages 3 to 12 to discover what messages they were sending their kids and the values they wanted to pass along about giving. It was important to them that their kids understood the value of hard work, just as they had learned about hard work growing up without wealth. We coached them how to make sure their kids knew that “things wouldn’t just be handed to them” while also instilling a sense of generosity and respect for the significant resources they do have.

Create Trust-Based Relationships

Through transformative philanthropic practices like trust-based relationships and community-powered philanthropy, we build respect between the next generation of philanthropists and nonprofit leaders, understanding that the best ideas for change often originate from the community itself. We elevate connections between issues and seek surprising solutions that uplift and transform. By building on the successes and lessons from our decades in philanthropy, together we can create more equitable and just systems.

Client Story
After a young entrepreneurial couple saw a dramatic increase in their personal wealth from founding a game-changing tech startup, they came to Hirsch Philanthropy Partners to help start their family foundation and create an innovative strategy. We worked with their legal and financial teams to launch their foundation and developed a strategy focused on climate change. After guiding their vision through the start-up phase, the foundation is now going strong and making ongoing philanthropic investments to benefit local communities and the future sustainability of our planet.