Hirsch Philanthropy Partners Joins with Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies

Partnership paves the way for an integrated firm with top-tier social impact and philanthropic advising services


[San Francisco, CA – November 2, 2023] Third Plateau and Hirsch Philanthropy Partners announced today that the two firms have merged to expand and enhance their services across the social impact and philanthropic advising sectors.

Together, Third Plateau and Hirsch Philanthropy Partners aim to tackle pressing societal issues, foster innovative solutions, and reimagine how to achieve a brighter, more equitable, and uplifting world. Amid growing polarization, which hinders the pursuit of effective solutions, this merger places a strong emphasis on fostering collaboration. It unites two industry-leading firms with expert, cross-cutting approaches and a shared mission to work alongside nonprofit, philanthropic, and public sectors in addressing the complex challenges of today and tomorrow.

In a joint letter published today, the firms’ founders expressed the authentic roots of the merger as a partnership to meet the urgency of our time. They emphasized their shared commitment to working in trust with communities to achieve a more just, equitable, and democratic society.

The merger consolidates the firms’ top-tier social impact and philanthropic advising services, including foundation management, strategic planning, research, program design, measurement and evaluation, leadership development, and more.

Co-founded in 2011 by Mike Berkowitz, Daniel Kaufman, and Jonathan Kaufman, Third Plateau is a leading social impact firm known for its innovative work with a broad cross-section of organizations, coalitions, and philanthropists working to achieve systemic change for people and the planet. The firm is recognized for its influential projects within the fields of education, democracy, health, social justice, arts and culture, the Jewish community, Indigenous rights,  and more. Third Plateau is also home to the Democracy Funders Network and Patriots and Pragmatists, two cross-ideological consortiums that fuel some of today’s most vital democracy partnerships.

Hirsch Philanthropy Partners was founded by Susan Mayer Hirsch in 1999 and is one of the first and best-regarded philanthropic advising firms in the U.S. The firm works with individuals, families, and foundations to create and implement visionary giving strategies. Since its founding, Hirsch has directed $1.6B to organizations, leaders, and public sector agencies boldly solving our most pressing challenges. The firm’s hallmark is building effective public-private partnerships to achieve transformative structural change.

“Joining the strength of our firms is momentous. Third Plateau and Hirsch Philanthropy Partners are driven to expand and deepen our collective impact as part of the broader social change ecosystem,” said Daniel Kaufman. “Hirsch Philanthropy Partners’ signature approach to philanthropic advising is undoubtedly best-in-class. As we join together with Susan and our new colleagues, we’re prepared to fuel even more impactful societal change at a time when it is needed the most.”

“For decades, our team has embodied a deep commitment to working in partnership and trust with communities,” said Susan Hirsch. “That commitment is shared by the Third Plateau team and makes this merger a special fit to accelerate the work ahead. We have long viewed Third Plateau as the gold standard of social impact consulting for driving sustainable change while changing people’s lives now. This merger will open new possibilities for the health, vibrancy, and prosperity of communities, no matter how great the challenges may be.”

“One can’t help but recognize the innate synergy when celebrating this merger. Within the realm of philanthropic advising, Third Plateau and Hirsch Philanthropy Partners excel like no other,” said Ian Bassin, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Protect Democracy and 2023 MacArthur “Genius” Fellow. “Congratulations to both firms on this profound union, characterized by their relational depth and unwavering commitment to preserving and advancing American civic life. I eagerly anticipate their collective potential as we work together to safeguard an inclusive, multi-racial democracy today and for generations to come.”


About Third Plateau

Third Plateau is a full-service social impact consulting firm that partners with bold visionaries in the social sector to drive meaningful and sustainable change. Third Plateau’s comprehensive services include strategic planning, research, evaluation, leadership development, facilitation, program design, and philanthropic management. Since 2011, Third Plateau has worked with more than 300 nonprofit organizations, foundations, public agencies, and businesses, including Alianza for Youth Justice, Covered California, Hewlett Foundation, James Beard Foundation, Jim Joseph Foundation, John Pritzker Family Fund, Los Angeles Philharmonic, NDN Collective, New Pluralists, Pritzker Innovation Fund, Repair the World, Resetting The Table, Teach Access, and The Breakthrough Institute.

About Hirsch Philanthropy Partners

Hirsch Philanthropy Partners is one of the first philanthropic advising firms in the U.S. We craft enduring giving strategies with philanthropists to achieve transformative, community-centered change. As a pioneer in the field of philanthropic advising, Hirsch has more than two decades of experience helping individuals, families, and foundations create and implement visionary giving strategies. With deep Bay Area and national roots, our team has directed over $1.6B to the organizations, community leaders, and public sector agencies boldly solving our most pressing social issues. Select long-time Hirsch clients include the Hellman Foundation, Fisher family, O2 Initiatives, Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund, and the McEvoy family.

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