Two Cheers for Two Parties

Host and Presenter: John Donovan
Keynote Speaker: Joanne B. Freeman
Debaters: Yascha Mounk, Norman Ornstein, Lee Drutman, Katherine Gehl
IQ2US Debates

Hirsch client the Dolby Family sponsored this debate with Intelligence Squared U.S., in partnership with Hirsch Philanthropy Partners.

(Intelligence Squared U.S.) – Facing extreme partisanship and polarization, America’s two-party system has come under fire. Critics argue that the two-party system runs contrary to the founders’ intent and has created a political system that fails to represent the electorate, concentrates power for the elites, and makes compromise impossible. They say it’s time for real structural change. But others are more cautious. They argue that the two-party system is necessary to rein in extremes on both sides and promote the democratic institutions that are necessary to the nation’s political and social stability. Further, they argue that multi-party democracies around the world — including Israel, the UK, and Italy — are now struggling to maintain stability and should serve as a warning to Americans seeking reform at home. As the nation gears up for the 2020 presidential election, we ask: Is the two-party system good for democracy?

Watch the recording of the debate online at IQ2US Debates here.